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Entry #40

Just Re-Installed Flash.

2012-02-11 02:57:02 by Anubis

Time to learn the new Action Script, again :I


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2012-02-11 03:55:49

Learning action script must be hard no? It's like coding. >.>

Anubis responds:

It's not very difficult. It's just a pain in the ass to re-learn every time they come out with a new one. I've been using Pro 8 which uses and older, and to me, because I know it so well, simpler.

It was kinda boring learning it first time (other than being able to make cool little tests), but after the first time it's just annoying.


2012-02-11 05:03:47

@oXSpiritusXo I hope you were sarcastic.


2012-02-23 01:23:08

.... Why? Because it sounded stupid?
Well, I wasn't sarcastic. I'm sorry about that. :o